Dr. Atluz

We provide our partners with the infrastructure needed to break down organisational and technological silos and unify health information across all functions

We specialise in the areas of industrial health programs, to be in compliance with regulatory requirement.

Information Centralisation

One patient, multiple healthcare facilities, multiple doctors. This can mean impossible patient record maintenance. Specially when records collect over time as in the case of multiple chronic diseases. Our longitudinal patient care recording system integrates siloed information repositories and aggregates them into one platform. Access a single source of truth for individual patient care, and enable the delivery of Precision Medicine where all relevant information about an individual is aggregated through Dr. Atluz.

Reduce Duplication

When healthcare data is not harmonised, the possibilities for appropriate care delivery is left open to failings - whether through fraudulent abuse, unknown duplication of resources, or misdiagnoses based on incomplete information. Our solutions help healthcare organisations share health information across authorised parties when treating a patient. Minimise wastage of resources and ensure better outcomes for your valuable clients and their lives via Dr. Atluz.

Facilitate Timely Communication

Near real-time information is critical to facilitate effective communication between healthcare providers. Dr. Atluz delivers timely, customised notifications about patient care events. This includes admissions, discharges, new lab results, and medication changes. Our tools ensure that all significant healthcare providers are aware of clinical decisions - even those for patients at other healthcare facilities.

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