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What is Dr. Atluz?

Touchless Registration

Now patient can register from any internet enabled device without installing any app and share & track appointment status.

Our way to fight COVID-19
Dr. Atluz - Touchless Registration


Multidimensional appointments for patient engagement with doctor, doctor's time across multiple clinics and visa versa

Online appointment booking by Patients

Token and intelligent sequencing using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Dr. Atluz - Appointments


Simple OPD process for small to large hospitals with special management module for visiting doctors.

Multiple language prescription for regoinal translation.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) to assist doctors for prescription

Dr. Atluz - OPD

Patients Profile

Manage Patients details from past history, examination history, contact details, appointment details, billing transactions and more

Dr. Atluz - Patients Profile


Manage all accounting transactions, billing and pending payments with GST

Dr. Atluz - Billing

Mobile app

Mobile app enables accessing data from anywhere anytime and get notification on relevent information

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Dr. Atluz - Mobile application

Other varient

Select the varient best suites for your business

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